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Tuesday, 17 June 2008 18:01

One of the announcements at the recent much hyped keynote by Steve Jobs keynote was the release of MobileMe a paid Apple service that would allow iPhone users to synch mail, contacts, calendars, tasks etc between their iPhone, Mac and PC. Moreover, it has been agressively sold as "Exchange for the rest of us". Since obviously that term translates to "Exchange Alternative", that fact puts the service within the perview of our analysis.

Is it really an "Exchange alternative" for the "rest of us"? Well, we dont even have to dig too deep  for the answer - a resounding "NO!". What does Exchange do? It allows you to synch mail, contacts, tasks, calendars etc between different devices. What else does it do? It allows you to SHARE this information with your colleagues and partners, an ability just as important as personal synching of information.

So in conclusion, MobileMe is welcome obviously. Updated personal information no matter where you are is good. But "Exchange for the rest of us" is too bombastic. Since Exchange support for iPhones is not live yet, and Exchange involves bountiful moolah, is there no hope? Not so, experienced campaigners in the "Exchange alternative" domain like HyperOffice, let you easily synch AND share mail, contacts, tasks, calendars and folders between your PC, Mac, & iPhone, for as little effort as a signup.

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